What I believe


Answers to question that I would think you would want to know.


I believe in the Trinity: Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Jesus.


Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation. He is the Risen King. He is the Alpha and Omega.


You are in right relation with God after you repent and choose to serve Him. Your works do not get you into heaven. This said...I want to be about My Father's business when He comes back.


Baptism is Scripturally important. It is an outward sign to others and a sign of obedience to God.


Life begins at the time of conception.


Homosexuality is a sin. God loves everyone and yes, I want them in church. Turning a blind ear and ignoring sin does the person spiritual harm to allow them to remain in darkness and not told the Truth.  The church's light should shine and not embrace darkness. This is true of any sin, but our culture forces me to address that issue.


Healing and deliverance are for today (as is Salvation).


The Church's purpose is to glorify Christ, equip the saints, and expand the Kingdom of God.


The church should operate in love and use their gifts to reach the lost.


God wrote His Word down in the Bible so we could study/refer to it when we want. His intention was NOT that we would re=define what He said in the first place. Please read the Bible and see the BIG picture as opposed to taking a small verse out of context. Yes, context is king (my homiletics teacher would be so proud).


Personal Stuff


I have three living children. A wife with a wonderful business mind that loves God.  She encourages me to minister and this search.


I have a great relationship with my former church and pastors. I have excellent references from them.


I score high in the area of shepherding, mentoring, and exhortation (encouragement) in spiritual gift tests.


I have a recognized call from God on my life.


We have a very good situation here. My wife has a stable job with the government, and I have been a stay at home dad with my daughter. Would NOT trade this experience for the world.


I am seeking a long term ministry position with the right church. It has to be a good fit for both sides. My wife is open to the move.