Dr. Simon McBride






Newburgh Theological Seminary- Doctorate of Ministry (Graduated May of 2016)

Newburgh, Indiana.


Southwestern Assemblies of God University- M.A. in History (Graduated May 0f 2010)

Waxahachie, Texas.


Kansas City College and Bible School- B. A. in Secondary Education, English (Graduated May of 2003)

Overland Park, Kansas.




Assistant Pastor

_______________Church, Lee’s Summit, Missouri


May 2008-February 2015


Worked as a volunteer with youth and then into this position.


  • Resolve and find solutions to issues in regards to the congregation’s needs, building maintenance, logistical, financial, volunteer placement, conflict between people, and leadership development.  File all receipts and personnel documents. Started as a volunteer and became a paid position.


  • Administer the deposits, bill paying, missionary checks, and other financial accounting responsibilities using programs such as Quick Books, Excel, Word, Outlook, and other windows based programs. Respond via email to conference goers.



  •  Oversee the organization and planning for outreaches, domestic and international missions trips, Thanksgiving/Halloween/Christmas outreach to the poor, and a variety of other outreach projects. 


  • Direct the visual production side of the church (installing multiple videos on a weekly basis using various software such as


  • Windows Movie Maker, Power Point, Sunday Plus, and Video Blocks).


  • Oversee church Connection Groups and train leaders. Coordinate the youth group and their activities. Supervised multiple interns. Planned camps and mission trips.


  • Travel with head pastor in ministry engagements. Speak on Sunday mornings as needed. Oversaw youth ministry while searching for a new youth pastor. 


  • Led ministry teams to Russia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mexico, and Belize. Traveled all over the world as a member of a ministry team.



_________________, Overland Park, KS     


September 2003 - May 2007


  •  History teacher for middle school grades and one high school class in 2004-2005. Third and fourth grade teacher, combined class, in 2005-2006.


  • Computer based program (Alpha-Omega), Bible, 7th grade math, and junior high/high school current event teacher in 2006-2007.


  • Assisted elementary students in library. Helped in the fundraising department for the school and spoke to chapels as needed. Recorded grades. Lectured students and encouraged them in areas of academics, Christianity, and life.


  • Other accomplishments.



  • Published author- God’s Supernatural Tapestry of Grace.

  • Graduated summa cum laude in bachelor degree program and with honors in master’s program.

  • Phi Alpha Theta American Honor Society.

  • 2012 Lee’s Summit Police Department Community Oriented Policing Award

  • Served as the youth pastor at Liberty Celebration Center (2000-2003)

  • Proud father of three living children, Troy, Joel, and Alexis, and husband to a wonderful wife for the last 22 years.