Dr. Simon


Teacher     Administrative     Forward Thinker


Hello! Just a brief  intro into who I am, my experience, my family, and what we believe. This is by no means exhaustive.


I served as a youth pastor in Liberty, Missouri and filled in as one at my last church. I had a lot of job duties there that translated into being a jack of all trades. My resume points out all of the details and can be accessed on the top left or at the links below. I helped with the planning of a now self sufficient orphanage in Uganda. It is amazing what happens when people use their gifts and resources to build something awesome that can change nations.


Anyway...I am looking for the right opportunity to serve God and see people grow in their most holy faith. More than head knowlege, I want to to see people transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and build a solid Biblical foundation. I love outreaches, building long lasting relationships, and that "Ah ha" moment when people realize who Jesus is. My wife and I want to simply love people into the Kingdom of God. I believe in hard work, being hands on, and desire to make an eternal difference. My family and I are laid back and low maintenance. Bless your search. Until the nets are full. Simon McBride


God is in control of everything.

God loves you!

He will always love you.

God has plans for your life!

It's plural. Plans.

Are you right with God?

The only thing wrong with a heart out of line...is if it remains that way.

Click the "My Resume" icon and it will show you my professional experience. The name of the specific church/school has been left out to protect them from scammers seeking either my information or trying to harm the church by a scam.

Just the facts...

Click my book's cover and it will link you to Amazon. This is the story of my son and how we were over two million dollars of debt due to medical bills. I use my given name as author. Simon is my middle name.

Click the picture of us at the World Taekwondo Federation's National Championship to see our family.


I am blessed to have a God-fearing wife and kids who grew up in the church.

These are some of the questions that you might be interested in knowing. Click the picture to see where I stand.